Joshua Kane

When did you first start tailoring/working in fashion?


My love for tailoring began in my last year of secondary school whilst doing my A-level Art Design Course and studying a module in fashion design. I quickly fell in love with the field and found the drive for my creative force.


How would you define “Maverick”?


I would define being a Maverick as someone that changes the boundaries within their own field, does things in a completely different way than others before him or her, and re-defines the field that they work within.


Which Mavericks have inspired you?


The biggest Maverick I've ever been inspired by would be Beau Brummel, largely regarded as the original and first ever dandy. In a time where people were inspired by and wanted to dress as nobility, he was an innovator by visiting his tailor and requesting his suit to be cut in a certain way, completely in his own design that then in time set trends and others began to follow, wanting to dress and tailor as he did.


What is the favourite piece of work you have ever done?


My favourite piece of work tends to always be the last project that I've worked on. The nature of my process is to constantly push and elevate from my previous project. Within my 'Fantasy' collection I designed a tonal black jaquard fabric with our signature brand 'Three Tailors' motif. This particular fabric, when cut and tailored into our dinner suit, in my opinion, envisions exactly what the brand stands for; balancing sartorial tailoring with an eccentric twist.


What about Charles Heidsieck do you most identify with?


The journey that my company is on has real similarities to the way that Charles himself pioneered the early years of his house; going against the grain with a clear, strong vision of what he wanted to achieve against all odds and never compromising on quality.



Why did you want to be involved in the Maverick Encounters?


There are very few designers in this day and age who are prepared to never compromise and fully commit to an aesthetic. This is something I believe I have been pushing for the last three and half years since starting the business in my bedroom to opening our West End flagship store. The story that we have to tell and the journey that we are on is something I believe is worth telling even from this early stage.


What are your most ‘maverick’ qualities?


The word 'Maverick' is defined in the English dictionary as "an un-orthodox or independantly minded person", "free-spirited and non-conformist". These are characteristics that define me as a designer and the work that I strive to produce. The four mentioned qualities can be seen in the way I have approached the fashion business model from the structure of the company to the way we design and produce.


How has working with Charles Heidsieck inspired you, creatively?



What experience can the guests attending expect?


For my 'Maverick Encounter' I have set out to curate a brief overview of all of the aspects of how we work, introducing our design process and all of the stages within it, from concept to production.


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