Poppy Chancellor

Poppy Chancellor, aka Poppy’s Papercuts.

Where are you from?


I grew up in London and have never left!


When did you first start paper cutting?


I started taking papercutting seriously in 2009. I grew up loving to draw and making things with paper.


How would you define "Maverick"?


A maverick to me is fearless, fun and loves to break the rules.


What are your most ‘maverick’ qualities?


I was always told off for being a naughty child, drawing swear words all over my bedroom walls. It’s good to transform that energy into something positive and creative. It’s good to be able to harness your maverick tendencies in to your work.


Which Mavericks have inspired you?


My maverick heroes are the actress Mae West and artist Aubrey Beardsley. They redefined images of beauty and humour which I love to focus on in my own work.


What is your favourite piece of work you have ever done?


I made a series of erotic papercuts playing with wordplay and sexuality. They were very intricate and beautiful pieces but they still had a element of light hearted humour to them.


What about Charles Heidsieck do you most identify with?


Papercutting is  a very niche area of craftsmanship and you have to be a perfectionist! Getting good at what you do and aiming to be the best at it sounds like the attitude Charles had with his Champagne.


What approach will you bring to your Maverick Encounter?


I believe in craftsmanship and fun when learning something new. My workshop alongside Charles’ Champagne is going to be a winning combination for our guests.


What experience can the guests attending expect?


At the workshop the guests will learn a new craft in the lap of luxury. Combining my skills, tips and techniques with a splash of champagne to keep us inspired along the way.


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