The Workbench

Name (s)?


Katie Woodward and Kirstie MacLaren we are The Workbench.


When did you first start working in jewellery?


After receiving our jewellery degrees, we worked for fashion designers, set designers and jewellers before setting up our own jewellery labels and later, The Workbench.


How would you define “Maverick”? Which Mavericks have inspired you?


Being innovative and brave enough to put yourself out there. We are proud to say The Workbench Box is the first of its kind in the world and our workshops have taken London's craft scene by storm.


Our all-time favourite Maverick is suffragette Emily Davidson.


What is your favourite piece of work you have ever done?


We love when we customers create wedding bands with us. Any ring that has a story has us glued.



What about Charles Heidsieck do you most identify with?


The quality and passion. We polish every ring by hand and care massively about each and every person who creates their own ring with us. As we grow, attention to detail will remain our top priority.


Why did you want to be involved in the Maverick Encounters?


Neither one of us is one to turn down a glass of amazing champagne. Only joking - we have always been aware of Charles Heidsieck and found his story truly inspiring.


What experience can the guests attending expect?


Guests will be given the tools and guidance to make something special, truly unique and personal to fit their tastes while enjoying Charles Heidsieck’s beautiful champagne, which should be unforgettable.


Time Out has hailed our originality, quality and enjoyment from our events which we could never have imagined. Kirstie Allsopp has also called our jewellery night “genius” and “seriously fun”.


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